Raspberry Jam Thumbprint Cookie

These delicious and beautiful Jam Thumbprint Cookies are such an easy cookie recipe! Buttery cookies with a crimson dollop of jam – sweet, scrumptious and utterly addictive!

What you need


all-purpose flour

and more...

Make dough


Mix butter, sugars and vanilla. Add egg. Add in half your dry ingredients.

Make cookies


Form balls of dough, place on a baking sheet and press your thumb down on the balls.

Fill with jam


Place jam in a zil-pock or pastry bag, cut the corner and fill the cookies.



Bake the cookies 15-20 mins. Drizzle with some chocolate, serve and enjoy!

– Whisk jam well before adding into the cookie for easier application. – Use cold butter so the dough holds up and doesn’t spread.

Expert Tips

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