Christmas Gingerbread Tree Cookies

These colorful Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookies are packed with flavor and decorated with M&M’s. Get the family together in the kitchen and have fun making these scrumptious festive cookies!

What you need


all-purpose flour

and more...

Make the dough


In a bowl, mix your dry ingredients.

Mix the butter


In another bowl, whip up your butter with powdered sugar and add the egg.

Combine ingredients


Add in honey and half your dry mix to the butter mixture. Slowly add the rest of the dry mix.

Roll dough


After chilling in a plastic wrap, roll out the dough.

Shape the cookie


Cut out shapes using a cookie cutter. Then press in your M&M’s.



Bake the cookies for 8-10 minutes. Serve!

– Once the cookies’ edge are slightly crisp, they are done. – Use parchment on your baking sheet, for easy removal and clean up.

Expert Tips

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