Crispy Chicken Bites

Made with just a handful of ingredients, these chicken nuggets come together really quickly. They’re the perfect little bites, whether you want to enjoy them as a snack or as a meal!

What you need

chicken tenderloin


and more...

Prep the coatings


In a shallow bowl, mix together the flour and seasoning. In another bowl, whisk the egg and heavy cream together.

Dredge the chicken


Dip chicken into flour mixture, then egg mixture and back again into flour mixture. Put on a sheet pan.

Fry the chicken


Deep fry the chicken cubes for about 5 minutes. Set on a paper towel.



Transfer to a plate and serve with your favorite sauce.

– If you do not have heavy cream, you can use butter milk. – Cooked chicken bites can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days.

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